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The World’s Most Authentic
Johnny Cash Tribute Show,
featuring Paul Anthony.

Cash - World's Most Authentic Johnny Cash Tribute presented by international award winning Paul Anthony. Paul Anthony's recreation of the Man in Black is known worldwide. This is the most authentic presentation and tribute to Johnny Cash!

Marylin CampbellBrantford Canada

Just saw the show last night, loved it. Loved the last song when everyone came on stage including your grandchild, it was a great way to end the show. Thanks for a great night out with friends.
March 13, 2017

Karen A, Hamilton

Storytellers Museum Saturday Night in Hickman County Johnny Cash Farm Bon Aqua Tennessee Chris Oxley, Storytellers Museum CASH “The World's Most Authentic Johnny Cash Tribute Show” Wow, was it ever. I never did get the privilege to see the real Johnny Cash, but it couldn’t have possibly have been more entertaining than Paul Anthony was! He had a great set list, and a great band playing all of Johnny’s big hits starting with his earlier song and going through the decades. You can hear his passion for Johnny’s songs as he plays, and was just a pleasure to watch. Accompanied with each song was a nice anecdote of how the song came about and what year it was from. I have seen many Cash Tribute Shows, and I’d have to say that Paul’s was the most fun and personable one I have seen yet. I cannot wait to see him again !! Thank you to Paul and the Tennessee three for such a spectacular night.

March 13, 2017

Chris Oxley, Storytellers Museum Bon Aqua Tennessee

We have been avid Elvis fans, more so Marlene, however, CASH is hard to beat. "Your presentation of "CASH" at the Molson Studio on Saturday night in Hamilton, will long be remembered, as the BEST! bar none of the "Man in Black" tribute show that we have seen and heard. I closed my eyes, and listened with rapture to your fist offering, saying to my self, "he's got the voice and tone, he's got to be Johnny Cash". We were not disappointed, it was top of the class, your drummer, your bass player, and electric guitar ensemble made it a stellar performance. We look forward to future shows, in our area of travel. Kindly extend our thanks to your cohorts.

March 13, 2017

Stan Rektor, Fans For Life !!

you MUST see this show !! We have had many tribute shows in the past but not one so close to the real thing as the Johnny Cash Tribute Show. Their sound wasjust the same as the original. Looking forward to seeing them again when they are in Windsor, Ontario. Joe W GTC Staff Appreciation Night, Windsor

March 13, 2017

Joe W GTC Staff Appreciation Night, Windsor